Cronus Track 5 Spoke

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The Cronus is the ultimate wheel for any race where every fraction of a second counts. This wheel, named after the Greek God of Time, was designed specifically for two reasons, aerodynamics and handling.

We use a mix of standard modulus and high modulus carbon fiber to create the most balanced, best handling wheel possible. The directional carbon blades are shaped to be extremely fast while riding the banks of a velodrome, against the clock or in a peloton.

Modern blow molding techniques and foam core technology and our uniquely shaped airfoils allow the Cronus to handle like a dream even on the steepest tracks and hold the line like you’re on rails.  

We've sourced the fastest ceramic bearings on the market for the Cronus.

Combine these super fast bearings with the aerodynamics and handling of this wheel, you have one of the fastest wheels ever made.

Please click this link for information on how to make your bearings even faster.


23mm wide

Tubular with deeper center channel to give a better gluing surface and make tire mounting easier

Steel bolt on track axles


Weight - 920 g +/- 30 

Max Rider Weight - 120kg/ 265 lb